Calculate Your Savings

Saving You Time And Money

Time is money and All-Net Meetings is proven to save you time and money by recovering your initial investment within year one while saving you approximately $3,100/year each year after.



# of Regular Meetings/Year

# of Committee Meetings/Year

Meetings (Staff ect.)

Average Number of Packages printed/meeting

Average # of Pages in Your Agenda

Paper Costs Per Ream (500 sheets)

Printing Costs (Per Page)

Average Cost of Labour


Cost and Efficiency Savings



Savings in Paper

Savings in Printing

Time Savings - Average 5 hours of Prep Time per Meeting

Savings in Minute Creation

Time Saved Distributing Participant Packages - Average 20 minutes/meeting

Time Saved on Public Inquiries for Agenda Items

Total Annual Savings


5 Year Estimated Savings


5 Year Estimate of Trees Saved

* 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333 sheets -